Let our experience become your advantage. Our Design/Manufacture/Construct model engages hundreds of years of combined experience to expertly deliver your project. 


Design can be described as the process in which engineering, science, technology and art are combined to create solutions that drive the development of better ideas and products.  At Building Blocks, we incorporate this theory into every project we are a part of. 

Our design team has over 100 years of combined experience in GFRC, Engineering, and Building Enclosure Systems.  This experience and knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art technology, ensures your project will be developed in very capable hands.  

Using a variety of different platforms like AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, and Navis Works, we develop the core details and models necessary to create complex designs in GFRC.  We coordinate with the building model and run clash detection to eliminate errors due to interference with other trades. 

At Building Blocks, we thrive in Design Assist partnerships. Building Blocks’ design assist process leverages our unique combination of knowledge in architecture, engineering, manufacturing and construction to assist the design team through creative solutions.   We apply our knowledge of design and construction to ensure our solutions reduce cost and time while delivering on the performance and design requirements.

Building Blocks’ design assist services are for architects, contractors, and owners who want our help to make projects predictable, achievable, and affordable.


Building Blocks manufacturing process is based on high-quality, efficient use of its off-site fabrication facilities. It is here where the actual building enclosure of your project is built by our expert craftspeople. The key to our process is simple; incorporate and build as much as we can in our shop. This is also known as prefabrication.

Our approach to prefabrication requires a great deal of planning and scheduling to ensure a smooth process. Because we try to incorporate as many shop installed items as feasible, we gain a great amount of control over the many parts of the building enclosure. From GFRC to UHPC to glass and more, we can take on many of the coordination issues that normally would create tension among many different trades. This “single source” approach also reduces the overall building risk and the chances of costly site delays. Less time on the jobsite with fewer personnel equates to reduced risk and liability along with faster schedules for the owner. 

Our facility incorporates the use of state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate GFRC and UHPC systems in an environment that ensures a high-quality, prefabricated panel.


Construction. Here is where all of the design knowledge and manufacturing experience are truly appreciated.  Because we have virtually constructed the building and applied those models to the panel fabrication, the construction phase becomes a much simpler and less risky. Our team of experienced installers have already become familiar with the building model and carry this knowledge into the real world.  Relying on pre-established logistics and panel sequencing, we can significantly reduce the installation process when compared to traditional, on-site construction.  

A typical construction process is made of two teams: layout and installation. The installation crew mobilizes after the layout crew has completed enough connection points to allow for continuous façade panel installation. Much of the same scheduling and planning that was developed in the manufacturing phase is now realized in the construction phase. The equipment required for layout an installation will also be coordinated by our team.

Of greatest importance during construction is the safety of our team and all other jobsite personnel. At Building Blocks, working safely is the most important task of the day. This means a safety manager will be on site during the installation of all our projects. The safety manager is responsible for performing hazard risk and analysis for all critical job activities and conducting pre- task safety meetings. All Building Blocks onsite personnel have a minimum of certification of OSHA 30. All working Building Blocks personnel will have full PPE and specialty safety equipment will be used based the risks associated with certain tasks. We will follow CDC safety guidelines for essential infrastructure businesses if pandemic conditions remain in effect during the project timeframe.

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